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We are Maya Architects !

Redefining the meaning of Architecture with Innovation & Creativity

Maya Architects is one among the multi-disciplinary practices in the fields of Architectural Consultancy, Interior Design and Project Management Consultancies, in the city of Bangalore. Maya Architects was given its form in 2001 by Ar. Naveen Kumar Deshpande and Ar. Dev Kumar. Since its inception, our company has successfully designed more than 400 projects, including Bungalows, Residential Houses, Industrial & Commercial Buildings, Interiors for Corporate Sector and Farm Houses.

  • The style is simple yet elegant
  • The touch is contemporary yet classy
  • The result is aesthetic yet functional.
  • Constant exploration of geometry & aesthetics
  • Converting the clients brief into a concept and to reality

This philosophy is constantly being rediscovered in every new endeavor that is undertaken by us. We strive to arrive at a vertical where we can combine the heterogeneous elements existing inside & outside a given domain into one complete habitable space.

Maya Architects is headed by a team of dedicated professionals with core competence in the development of spaces to suit human needs.


The master minds behind the firm's success

Ar. Naveen Kumar Deshpande, Principal Architect, Partner, is the senior architect with an overall experience of about 12 years before starting Maya Architects. After completing his Diploma in Architecture in the year 1990 worked with M/s. STUP CONSULTANTS, Bangalore, for a period of about 6 years and went on to receive a Bachelor’s Degree in Architecture in 1999, from R.V.College of Engineering, Bangalore University. During the course of his study he has worked as a Freelance Architect with major leading Architects in Bangalore.

During his association with M/s. STUP CONSULTANTS Naveen worked closely with clients and personally coordinated all aspects of the design process. He was involved with multi-faceted projects and has handled various projects spread across the country. He worked with Team 2 Architects as a Senior Architect for a brief period of about 1 year, immediately after completion of his bachelor’s degree. He handled housing and institutional projects during his tenure with Team 2 Architects

Ar. Dev Kumar.R, Principal Architect, partner of Maya Architects received a Bachelor’s Degree in Architecture from R.V.College of Engineering, Bangalore University in 1999. He has worked with Mr. Nagaraj Vastaray of M/s.Pragroup Amoorthsiti, Bangalore for a period of 2 years. He gained indepth knowledge in planning and designing of buildings for Institutional, Corporate, Residential and Industrial sectors. Ar. Dev Kumar was involved in all aspects of course design from initial routing studies through project administration and planning to the actual completion of construction documents. He was involved in all phases of design and construction administration and Project Management. He is particularly adept at working with clients to determine programmatic requirements


Responsible for the successful executions

Featured Projects

A small peek into our Magnum Opus


This is how we execute our service

We at Maya Architects believe in providing end to end solutions to all our clients. Our design services varies greatly from client to client, but each project is envisaged and the final product is delivered through the following stages.







Initiation of the project

The client’s requirements are acquired after the study of various aspects like site, weather, context, soil condition, etc. We prepare a concept design.

Conceptual Presentation

Presenting the concept gives a complete idea on the strcuture to be crafted. This is done using visualizations, photographs and sketches


After getting the final consent from the client, the drawings are then worked on at a ‘micro level’ to better the interior spaces and make the building functional and aesthetic. Client meetings are held at frequent intervals to keep them informed about the proceedings.3D models and visuals are made to help the client understand the building form both internally and externally. The working drawings needed for construction are prepared.


Preparing all the necessary drawings and documents needed for construction. Assisting the client for appointing the right agency for construction.


Regular site visits are made at all important stages of the project. Clients are informed regarding the progress of works at site. Co-ordination with all agencies are done to ensure smooth progress and timely completion of the project.


The client is now happy with their dream turned into a reality !



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